I really wish

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I really wish

the Wizards could stay healthy. lol

This team is one of the deepest teams in the league but everytime I stop to blink, another guy goes down with injury.

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who got hurt recently....I

who got hurt recently....I think Wizards at full strength are still a second tier team in the East

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Arenas is one of my favorite players all time, so I think he deserves a bit more help. And what makes a passing guard successful usully involves a big man who's pretty good or athletic. Like Nash/Amar'e, Parker/Duncan, Calderon/Bosh, Harris/Lopez, Rose/Thomas, Kidd/Nowitzki, and so on. I hope the Wizards could get a trade for Amar'e or sign a younger center to get ready for when Haywood retires. I would keep Blatche though because he's doing pretty good after being arrested a few times. The trade I thought about was:

I know it actually hurts the Wizards, but I see them as the better team being able to go on fast breaks more often. I wasn't sure what other people are going to think of the trade cause they hate me when someone makes a trade. So, please just consider it as something close to the actual thing.

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The Wizards

The Wizards are good. I am particularly impressed by Brendan Haywood's performance at least this year.... He has been aggressive on theboards and has averaged a near double-double... Hope he keeps it up... Agent Zero is being consistent and has been doing a lot of proving... Andray Blatche can be a beast on one night but disappear on another, he needs consistency...

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