whos situation is worse?

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whos situation is worse?

Which team is worse off the Knicks or the Warriors? I think the knicks cuz if they don't get Lebron I don't see a plan b and they are losers with little talent. The way they treated lee and robinson both players are gone and they don't have a pick. The warriors are in bad shap to but they have a lot of talent with jackson being a major problem. I think the right coach and gm could turn this team in the right direction a lil easier.

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the knicks have put all

the knicks have put all their focus on landing either lebron, or at least a all-star in next summer's fa class. If they land bron, they and their fans will be laughing at everyone. If not, everyone will be laughing at them because they would be the joke.

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the plan b

i hope plan b is not over paying some1 old that wud be the worst

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one star fa won't help much,

one star fa won't help much, they need two to gain a lot of respect back from NY fans

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Ive been a Knicks fan my whole life, thats not gonna change. Fact of the matter is Isiah Thomas made some terrible decisions with bad contracts. Walsh has come in and cleaned up alot of his mess. Unfortunately cleaning house means having some untalented players who just cant find a way to win. They have some solid young talent with Toney Douglas, Jordan Hill and Gallinari, all played pretty well last nite. I personally dont see Lebron coming to NY or Bosh. I think they are gonna end up with Joe Johnson and another all star caliber player, maybe Ginobli or Stoudemire.

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Amare and Joe Johnson would be a good mix with these guys. At least they'd have a shot blocker than.
If they don't get Lebron they need a point guard.
David Lee has to go tired seeing him play weak defense and block no shots he's a stats guy not worth 10 mill.
I wouldn't want Ginobli he's always hurt doubtful he leaves the Spurs anyway.

Warriors have talent but the system is terrible and their over the cap too.
Need to move some of those guards and Maggette too.
Rumors that Nelson will be fired that would be a nice change for the team get a coach who doesn't play small ball so much.
They won't make the playoffs but are too talented to get a top pick.

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I agree with NYK, even if they dont land lebron, I think they will be able to get atleast one of the superstars in the upcoming FA pool(Bosh, Wade, Amare, Nash..etc.) and if they get one of those guys theyll still have enough money under the cap for GM Donnie Walsh to build a good team around them for the forseeable future.

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def i can see the knicks with amare and joe johnson, the dantoni connection

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Golden State is more talented. Ellis, Curry, Morrow, Randolph, and Biedrins all are or could become good. The knicks have less potential. G.S. also has better veteran players they could try to trade, although most teams wouldn't want Jackson or Maggette. G.S. has a better future and will be better this season than the knicks.

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