willie warren

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willie warren

Am I the only person on this site that thinks this guy plays more like Eric Gordon than Ben Gordon? He has better handles than both tho

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yes his handles are

yes his handles are terrific, i like him SG and best scorer in this class IMO

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willie warren

I have been watching Willie since he was playing 15 & under for Team Texas even then you knew he was a pro. His shot selection is questionable and he is sometimes selfish but, he is definitely a scorer and is the complete package.

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He talked trash to Kobe at

He talked trash to Kobe at his camp, I like him already. He POTENTIALLY has Ben Gordon's ability to get hot and take over a game from the 3 pt line impo
At 6'4 he may want to guard the smaller PG position, that's why he still in college working on his passing game
I think he should come out this year

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I think he's a Gilbert

I think he's a Gilbert Arenas type player, even more so than OJ Mayo because he actually has the explosiveness of Arenas (probably even more) and similar range on his jumper. I think Warren will be a top scorer in the NBA eventually, and probably light up the scoreboard as soon as his rookie year.

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