Clevland vs Miami :Post game observation

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Clevland vs Miami :Post game observation

Well I the first quarter could have pretty much summed up the game, LeBron and Wade were going back and forth, but at the end of the quarter there was a string of plays along the lines of

1)LeBron drives in for a statement dunk
2) Wade hits a 3 in LeBrons face(to tie the game at 33)
3)LeBron hits the floating J at the buzzer to go up 2

and that all happened within the last min. of the 1st quarter

LeBron was playing "anything you can do I can do better" and that was one electrifying quarter, the round and the fight went to LBJ

Now for the players

Hickson- very nice young player, good versatility, and I like him starting also, I also think he could guard some combo forwards, the only thing is he tends to go up soft, he gets blocked alot at the rim for not finishing strong

Wade- Take a guess

LeBron- Watcha think?

Mo Williams- If he continues this super hot shooting I don't see the Cavs being beaten, when he's got it going they are unstoppable.

Beasley- WOW, I like what Im seeing, I mean how many times have you guys seen him take it to the basket soooooo strong? He had a few monster dunks, and almost threw one down on Shaq. He's starting to play to his potential, now only if he could carry that aggressiveness over to the boards.

O'neal vs O'neal- pretty even throughout, JO made big plays, as did Shaq, both players played very good offensively and solid on D.

those players were the main attractions

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