Cleveland Cavaliers (5-3) vs. Miami Heat (6-1)

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Cleveland Cavaliers (5-3) vs. Miami Heat (6-1)

I havent seen the first half, so anyone who has feel free to comment on your observations, but this third quarter has had some interesting plays . First is Jermaine O'Neal looks inspired finishing down low, and knocking down some corner jumpshots. Two is Mo Williams. He is shooting unconcious, and is facilitating very well, and the primary recipient is JJ Hickson, who's playing extremely well off the ball, also showing a well rounded game, driving right on the baseline and making a good pass to Shaq. Chalmers is showing skill on both ends of the court, when he gets a chance to get the ball and make plays.

Most interesting is Beasley. His hot start seems to have his confidence running high, and he's making plays on the defensive end, making a one-on-one block on JJ and rebounding well. When he gets the range on his three pointer together, and stays motivated, he could be as good as any power forward/ small forward combo in the league, Glenn Robinson with better rebounding.

Any other thoughts?

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Wade and Lebron

Other then Wade and Lebron for both teams I am most impressed by JJ Hickson for the Cavaliers. He is a good player and definitely has nice potential to help Lebron out. O'neal for the Heat is helpful as well, definitely an good asset for this team. Haslem has also been a spark off the bench for the Heat. Wade and Lebron are doing well of course. Its 99-88 right now Cavaliers with the win.

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