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I THINK THE CLIPPERS might always be the paper champs..on paper they always look like a team thats gonna make a run but then something magical happens......the games are played. and theres always some reason they lose..lack of talent,someone gets injured,bad coaching,no one steps up to take over in the fourth. etc..yes they do have some wins but those were against minny gs and mem who are the other pretty bad teams in the nba..some peopel will try to convince you that "well they came close to winning" but they dont realize that this isnt horse shoes..comming close doesnt count, winning does. and having players injuried is not a very valid excuse because thats when other players are suppossed to step up like wit the kings. every year you have peopele saying this year will be different (because when youre at the bottom you cant get any worst) and even i said i think the clippers could make some noise (i made sure to say could instead of would) but of course they came out the gate as the same ole clippers....some clipper fans disagree with me when i say gordan needs to get that killer instinct and take over games in the fourth and start to score more but they say .."hes doing just fine" or " he doesnt wanna step on the vets toes" like they dont think he has the talent to do more yet i do. obviously what hes doing isnt enough because they still lose to teams that are average -good

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They need Gordon and Griffin

They need Gordon and Griffin if they want to win games. It's sad to think a team with that much talent needs a rookie and a second year player to motivate them and get wins. These to are the present as well as the future for this franchise, Davis looks like he is losing interest again he is still a great player he is just on the wrong team, with the wrong coach.

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doesn't look good. Kaman is

doesn't look good. Kaman is the only guy really stepping up. Not having griffin hurts, but I figured the clippers were deep enough to deal with that. Watching them play, they just don't look good. I hate to say it, but Baron Davis is playing nothing like the former all-star he used to be. Guys like Camby and Thornton are hurting their next contracts as well right now.

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