Elton Brand

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Elton Brand

Elton Brand in now averaging 9 pts 6 reb and shooting 41 percent from the field. I started a topic last week. But this warranted a new one.

Dhamp2...the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

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The 76ers would probably

The 76ers would probably like to get rid of him but who would take him? Get Speights in the lineup.

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Im not sure what more

Im not sure what more speights can do he put up 19 in 30 mins last game 20 in 30 mins, and the game before 15 in 23 mins. Brands been starting because of his past success and his contract but philly needs to realize his contract was a mistake and put speights out their to develop

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I an not good

I am not good in terms , of salary trades, (so dont mind me if these scenarios are not possible) but i think he fits in Utah, Houston, Portland and Memphis
as half court oriented teams, i think he can still play solid but cant run in the 76ers

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Elton Brand hasn't been the

Elton Brand hasn't been the same player since he ruptured his Achilles' tendon with the Clippers. Signing him for the amount they did was a HUGE gamble that hasn't paid off. The surgery on his shoulder due to the dislocation hasn't helped him either.

However, with that being said... I still think Elton has some game left in him. He's only 30 years old. Can he still be the 20 and 10 power forward he used to be? I doubt it, especially not on the 76ers. He's not a great fit for their team. They don't even get him the ball in the spots he's succesful at. He's better than what we're seeing right now. A trade would benefit both parties, but who'd be willing to take on Elton's contract?

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I made a trade scenario involving 4 teams (not going to go into too much detail, but Andres Noccioni and Kenny Thomas would be traded from Sacramento) but it ultimately lands Elton Brand in Sacramento and expiring contracts for the Sixers. That's about all the Sixers can at best ask for. Being a Sixers fan, I accept that. But for Sacremento, they could add a guy with much veteran leadership, something non-existent with that team. Also earlier this season, they were starting Sean May at C. I think with the style of the NBA the way it is with many true PF's playing C, why not put Brand at the 5 spot? He could spread the floor some with his mid-range game. Right now it couldn't work with the Sixers while Samuel Dalembert's on the team (untradable), having so much money committed to him as well, so minutes have to be committed to him. Also with the transition/Princeton offense, Brand struggles to fit in.

The only issue would be if Sacramento be wiling to take on Brand's contract. Right now it does appear they're definite sealers on their, but in turn there would be no way they could land a big free agent this upcoming off-season anyways. I just think he would do a lot on the young team of Sacremento since he would be given a very solid role and be a real leader. He could take guys like Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes under his wing. With both of those guys being rather slender for their positions, a bulkier guy like Brand would be a nice addition in terms of change on both ends of the floor. I could see a 15ppg, 7 rpg season if he were on the Kings, which to me would be worth the money based on the impact he would have on the team.

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talent wise alot of teams

talent wise alot of teams would want him...but he signed a very big contract which right now hes no where near worth and i dont see a team thats dumb enough to try to take it..looks like philly is stuck with it

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He doesnt fit

I think he looks bad out there he cant get into a groove and the offense doesnt fit his style of play and hes not even in the game in crunch time. they cant get rid of him cause he signed that big contract he looks like he lost his confidence something just not right with him. I dont know maybe he can pick it up later in the season but hes losing minutes to speights who is playing pretty good right now.

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