Indiana Pacers starting line-up?

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Indiana Pacers starting line-up?

Hibbert and Granger are secure in there spots put i ask you who should start at PG,SG and PF. Watson or Ford? Rush or Jones? Hansbrough or Murphy?

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PG - TJ Ford no doubt... SG

PG - TJ Ford no doubt...
SG - Dahntay Jones more of a hustler and can defend the opposing team's top wing player
SF - Danny Granger
PF - Murphy gets a ton of rebounds and shoots very well
C - Hibbert do they have other choices?

Sixth Man/s Rush and Hansbrough, they can provide the energy and scoring.

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PG - Ford - No Brainer.

PG: Ford - No Brainer. Watson is playing well, but he's a backup.
SG: Dahntay Jones - We brought him here because of his defense. We need him defending starting two guards, not backups. We brought him here to defend Kobe, not Vujacic.
SF: Batman - No Brainer.
PF: Murphy - He doesn't give us back to the basket scoring or D, but he's still our best power forward. Hansbrough has been playing great, but I think he's a perfect energy guy off the bench.
C: Hibbert - One of the best young centers in the NBA.

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