Sick double header on TNT tommorow

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Sick double header on TNT tommorow

First we got the Cavs vs Heat. LeBron vs Wade and Shaq returning to Miami. The Cavs were picked as title contenders coming in and the heat are playing very impressive right now.

then we get Suns vs Lakers. The Suns and Lakers both only have one loss and the winner will be first place in the west. Not sure if bynum or Gasol are gonna go, but the lakers look good without them so far.

So who ya guys picking, what do you look forward to seeing?

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Cavs, Heat - Who i want to

Cavs, Heat - Who i want to win- Heat, Who will WIn - Heat, feeling something special from Dwade

Suns LAL, WHo i want to win- PHX - Who will win, depends if lakers bigs are playing, if they are lakers will win, if not phx

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Cavs v. Heat- I'll go Heat.

Cavs v. Heat- I'll go Heat. Something tells me Wade is going to have one of his "refuse to lose" games and do everything for the Heat. It's hard to beat them when Wade is unstoppable.

Lakers v. Suns- I'll go Lakers. I'm interested to see if Fisher and/or Farmar and Brown can match up with Nash. I'm also interested to see who can guard Kobe. I think theirs a better chance for Kobe to have a breakout game with that said.

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Great Games

The Heat are going to beat the Cavs, Wade is gonna be very competitive and the top of his game and will lead the Heat to a victory, it'll be a close game though. Lakers vs Suns I am going to say is a toss up like Iguodola said if the Lakers have Gasol or Bynum I am going to give the advantage to them but if not, the Suns will bury them with 3's.

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Cmon no one on the Suns can

Cmon no one on the Suns can guard Kobe...and Shannon Brown can guard Nash

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Heat vs Cavs- Im going with

Heat vs Cavs- Im going with the Heat they have been very good this year and I thin Wade will have a ig night.

Suns vs Lakers- Im going with LA I think Nash and Kobe are the two leaders for MVP right now so it should be a good game but I think Kobe will be huge but it should be very close.

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Whoa Whoa hold on people,

Whoa Whoa hold on people, Wade all of a sudden will have such a great game, but LeBron won't? Come on, you know B.O.T.H. players will show up in this game

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nice games and I want Heat

nice games and I want Heat for the first game next game i'm undecided but maybe Lakers.

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