espn rookie rankings

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espn rookie rankings

Hey, here is where espn insider had the rookie rankings at this morning, I like Lawson a lot, but I was surprised to see him at #1( espn has always been real high on UNC and Duke haha), but I thought you guys might find it interesting.

1. Ty Lawson
2. Jonny Flynn
3. Tyreke Evans
4. Brandon Jennings
5. DeJuan Blair
6. Chase Budinger
7. Omri Casspi
8. Stephen Curry
9. Jeff Teague
10. James Harden

The way its set up it'd be real tedious to post all the individual analysis, but here is what they said about Lawson

Most rookies coming out of college aren't adept at attacking ball screens, but Lawson is. His incredible quickness, low center of gravity, strong frame and burst of speed coming off a slower dribble make him extremely difficult to contend with in ball-screen action. The key for him is not so much monitoring the screener's defender as it is reading what is going on under the rim. If Lawson overpenetrates, he can get into trouble. So he needs to be looking inside to see where the help defenders are as he's using a probe dribble on top of the screen.

and Flynn

Flynn started the season making four of his first six 3-point shots. Then he hit just two of his next 13 from that distance. Like most young players (and far too many vets), Flynn's struggles from deep are due to both shot selection and mechanics. When Flynn catches and shoots from 3, his shot looks smooth and in rhythm. But problems occur when he tries the 3 off a dribble, especially coming from ball-screen action, where Flynn's defender goes under a screen. His balance on those shots has been poor, with his lower body getting ahead of his upper body on the release, causing him to fall backward on the shot. At this point, Flynn would be better served asking for a screen much further inside the line, so if the defender goes under the screen, Flynn has a more makeable shot. Or he can choose simply not to shoot that shot.

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Thats a bad list Brandon

Thats a bad list Brandon Jennings and Tyreke Evans should be the top two.

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should be jennings then

should be jennings then evans then flynn,lawson or chase

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They go day to day and

They go day to day and factor in shooting percentages and a lot of other things, It's a very stat based ranking system. Evans is shooting 39% from the feild and 26% from 3. Flynn and Lawson have much higher shooting percentages, Also a players progress from a learning standpoint, Ill post Jennings and Evans. From the way they set up their system it makes sense.


Like any rookie, Evans has a lot to learn about five-on-five defense -- he always must be alert to where the ball is and where the biggest scoring threats are on the floor. However, he has a catlike awareness when he's around the ball -- his burst of quickness on steal attempts is very impressive. Combine that with his superlong arms, and he is a dangerous guy to make casual passes around. Because of Evans' size, scouts have struggled to figure out just whom he plays like. He does not have the elite athleticism of players such as LeBron James or Dwyane Wade. To my eyes, he's more like a mutant Tony Parker -- he's terrific at getting to the rim and being creative once he gets there. He's not much of a finisher now, but he will be, and if he learns to make some midrange jumpers while throwing in a floater or two, he'll end up being one of the top paint scorers in basketball.


Jennings does two things that greatly enhance his ability to score: He can use his right hand to finish plays and can make midrange jumpers. On his right-handed finishes, he sets up the shot with excellent body control, hitting his defender before scooping it in. And on his midrange jumpers, I like how he has showed the ability to jump straight up and land with balance, something few young players do. It's solid basketball mechanics. Now he just needs to do it more often, instead of shooting lean-backs that almost always fall short.

I don't agree with it either, I'd have Jennings #1 Flynn #2, Evans #3 and Lawson#4 but they are consistant by their system

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they should look at whos

they should look at whos doin better right now

1.jennings 2.evans 3.flynn 4.curry 5.blair

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i think its just too early

i think its just too early to start ranking players 8 or 9 games into the season but if any jennings been &$#%#[email protected]! on players so far

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As a nuggets fan, I have gotten to watch ty lawson pretty closely the past two weeks. No i dont believe he deserves the top spot, but he should be in the top 5. He's playing great basketball merely because he knows where he fits on this team. George Karl seems to love putting him and JR in the second unit because they completely change the pace of the game. Ty never tries to do to much (still makes some mistakes), has shot well from 3, and uses his speed to get to the rim and the line. IMO hes doing exactly what he should as a backup to chauncy and a rookie on a good team. but in no way does he have to play a grip of minutes per night like curry, jennings, flynn and now(with martin out) evans.
1. brandon jennings
2. johnny flynn
3. tyreke evans
4. dejuan blair
5. ty lawson

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What I think

I have much respect for Lawson and Flynn but they play less minutes then Brandon Jennings and Tyreke Evans therefore won't make as many mistakes. Sure Lawson and Flynn are good players but not as good as Jennings and Evans. My list would be 1. Jennings 2. Evans 3. Flynn 4. Lawson 5. Blair

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Anybody who wouldnt say

Anybody who wouldnt say Jennings is the most impressive rookie so far doesn't know too much about basketball....It baffles me that "professionals" at ESPN and CBS Sports give someone like Chase Buddinger a higher rookie rating then him so far because Jennings is on a bad team...Wow maybe these guys don't realize that the best players are taken by the worst teams...Thats how the draft works

How can someone be a professional basketball analyst and say that Budinger is having a better rookie year then Jennings

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as of right now

as of right now, evans should be at # 1 in rookie rankings. With him basically commanding the kings since kmarts injury, the kid has amazing numbers, and has led the kings to 3-0 without kmart...noting that they beat the jazz...and after watching them manhandle the jazz...i was even more impressed with evans. Then i see them beat the thunder..who could battle for 7-8 seed in the west.

in my opinion, Evans = 1, jennings = 2 right now.

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