I am tired of hearing Tyreke is a SG

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I am tired of hearing Tyreke is a SG

For all the users that keep on saying that he is a SG or even a SF (in your dreams), i would advice you to actually watch a game. The kings have formed a brilliant strategy where Tyreke and Beno Udrih trade off bringing the ball up the court and running the play after every 3-4 games. To most teams, especially New Orleans, it left the defense confused most of the time. In the Sac Bee, while showing each teams starting lineup, most teams have a PG and SG. The kings just have two G's. The only position Tyreke actually faces a 2 guard is when he is on defense becuase he is physically strong enough to guard anyone on the court( except the C). Last night at the came, Tyreke was defending his own while Durant even tried to post up Tyreke. Both times Durant tried this, he missed.

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hes been playing like a

hes been playing like a scoring pg and in the second quarter he was dishing it like any other pg, he realized the defense collapsed on him whenever he drove so then when he drove he looked for the open man under the basket, the streaking player and his spot up shooters. Also when beno was hurt late in the 4th he did a pretty good job a pg

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combo guard would be more

combo guard would be more fitting...not a pg nor a sg...combo fits more perfectly( ive also been watching the kings games)

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I like Tyreke. After

I like Tyreke. After watching him vs the Thunder last night, I see no reason why he can't become a point guard. He'll always be a scoring point guard, but I think he can become really good at creating for his teammates. If Westbrook can become a point guard, then why can't Tyreke?

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I definitely think Tyreke can be a Point Guard, I honestly think right now he is much like a point guard already. He may not be a pure point guard as of now but he definitely has the potential to be.

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I read on espn where they

I read on espn where they likened him to a Mutant Tony Parker, lol

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so who will be SG in the

so who will be SG in the i'm serious, no matter 6'0 150 6'3 200 or 6'6 220 all wants to be pgs , our future pgs Rose, Westbrook, Rondo, Jennings, Flynn, Curry, Wall, Knight, Wroten (both also see as a future of sgs but they are pgs)

SG was really not favourite position in the NBA(just watch draft history) but know it looks like it going even worse...and oh yeahh, just one of very few potential next decade SG stars O.J. Mayo wants to be PG also lol

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i think

i think tyreke has similarities to wade. Wade = 6'4, 210...yet he doesn't want to play PG...but he wants the ball in his hands.

Somebody said it on here...don't remember who, but it's just safe to say tyreke is a Guard, and neither a pg or sg.

He has the tools, the size, the athletic ability to do things like wade.

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the thing that makes me

the thing that makes me laugh is when people say he is not looking for his teamates or he is just trying to score. Those people obviously aren't watching very close. He constantly has his head up and hitting the open man.

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Yea, he's looking alot

Yea, he's looking alot better running the point than I expected. He just isn't a true PG yet though. He's a player that needs the ball in his hands, and with the amount he'll have the ball, he'll get a high number of assists. Not to mention points.

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hes just a basketball player

hes just a basketball player but he likes to score more than pass that's why he's been playing great since martin went out

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