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Who should be the rookie of the year? I believe that jennings will put up solid numbers all year long, but when blake returns. He is gonna give us one highlight per game therefore they will give him the roy(lebron anyone). Don't get me wrong, Griffin might be a beast but if Jennings averaged 20 and 5 assists wit 1.5 steals I think the roy should belong to him. But just like in 2003 they was going along with the hype that lebron was a child prodigy. And that is how the media is looking at Blake Griffin just because he is the first overall draft pick. The media hates to see someone like Jennings shine because of how he paved his way. And now the judgement of him will lead to Blake getting the rookie of the year award. Sorry tyreke but you will be forgotten this year because the kings will be at the bottom of the pecking order. But if jennings does get the bucks to the playoffs, I think he still won't get the award while blake griffin is shining the plaque watchin the bucks get beat in the first round. Is history gonna repeat itself??? Please all comments appreciated...

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Tyreke and other stuff

It seems kind of ridiculous to me that you are saying that Tyreke will be forgotten because the Kings will be at the bottom of the pack this year, when they have been playing well lately and are at .500, and then you say that Jennings could be the R.O.Y when he is on the Bucks.

While you have to give the Bucks credit for doing well so far, I cannot think that they are going to even make it to .500 this year, and It seems kind of ridiculous to think that any of the three teams; the Kings, Bucks, or Clippers, will get to over .500, let alone out of the 1st round of the playoffs. Usually R.O.Y is not simply based on which player did the best on an ok team, which is why you saw Durant win over Horford two years ago. The R.O.Y usually goes to the player that truly played the best during their Rookie season, which to me seems like it will be an even race between Tyreke, Jennings, and Griffin.

You have to realize that Griffin is the real deal, not just another hyped player who turns into a bust. He was looking great before the injury, and if he can return to that, he will definitely have a shot at winning this year.

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