my opinion of a useless coach

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my opinion of a useless coach

I really don't know if anyone agrees with me but I really believe george call is the dumbest coach in the league. The reason I say this is because, he has one of the best floor leaders in the world on his team and he chooses to use him as a 2 guard. Just to suit his likeness to anthony carter, hten you have a decent 2 in afflalo and graham while smith is out to watch this nonsense happen. How crazy is this, any other team would probably waive carter to get real talent but I guess karl doesn't really care about winning. This is the reason why the nuggets won't win. Unless "coach" karl has an epiphany carmelo might be the best name in free agency in two years. Carmelo might love the nuggets franchise as a whole but, in MY OPINION, coach karl will get that elusive ring for melo so that will make him want to skip town. And believe me when I say I am a nuggets fan to the heart but george karl is the main reason this nuggets team will NOT win a ring.

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