B-Roy #'s this season?

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B-Roy #'s this season?

How many points do you think he'll average? Do you see his point average going up or down from last season? As far as last night i see it going down but thats how good the Blazers are they won by like 20+ and he only had 2 points, plus there team is so deep. Personally I think he's saving himself for the postseason. I could see him averaging anywhere from 25-30 points in the playoffs.

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I could see him getting around 20-24 points. He is there franchise player so you can expect he will perform well like always. But with the Blazers as young and talented as they are and have a good player rotation they have a chance to give him rest in games which is good for the playoffs. Yea that seems about right for his points in the playoffs. They are talented and I think in the future will be a big threat.

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Wins mean more than

Wins mean more than stats.... well, to me anyways. Anyways, there isn't much need to worry about Roy's stats. He's a pretty solid 20-5-5 guy.

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