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John Hensons skill set intrigues me, he use to be a Guard in High School till he had an amazing growth spurt. He could really be a dominant player. His upside seems to be unbelievable I think by the end of the year he could challenge for the #1 pick for this draft. He is going to be that good

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I agree, he has alot of

I agree, he has alot of interesting skills for a player with his size. And he's super athletic and explosive, which doesn't hurt. He could develop into the best player in the 009 class when it's all said and done.

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he will have to play great

he will have to play great to get that spot cuz you know wall and favors will be heavily hyped this year but he could be great a durant type of player with a similar build

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He definitely has great upside especially now at UNC playing him at small forward hes going to be a mismatch nightmare. Only problem is with the offense of UNC revolving around Thompson and Davis I am not sure Henson will be revealed as the star he is. Definitely a top ten pick for sure though

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