This is why the Warriors will never win.

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This is why the Warriors will never win.

A team like this will never win. They have too many issues and IDK if they will ever be satisfied with anyone. Monta &$#%#[email protected]! about Curry, Jackson &$#%#[email protected]! about Nellie, Nellie &$#%#[email protected]! about Randolph, and the team &$#%#[email protected]! about the team. This was on the yahoo rumors page..

Golden State Warriors players want Jackson gone
By Mark J. Miller

There's no telling if Stephen Jackson(notes) will be on the Golden State Warriors for the rest of the season or not but his teammates want the world to know right now that they would prefer that he is playing somewhere else, according to Yahoo! Sports Marc J. Spears.
Jackson asked for a trade back in August and the team is apparently optimistic that a deal can get done for the veteran swingman in the next couple of weeks. Two of his current teammates told Spears that the team's morale and play won't likely improve until Jackson is handed his one-way plane tickets out of there.
If nothing else, Jackson can always go back and play for the Sydney Kings in Australia's National Basketball League.

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First of all those two

First of all those two teammates of his hand the heart to say that to a reporter, then put you name behind it! Or more importantly say it to his face. GS had an opportunity to move Captain Jack since summer, and did nothing. He's been in GS how long? Long enough they should know how he would react. GS is not a stable franchise and it starts for the coach up. GS has way to much talent to be a bottom dweller of the western conference.

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Soulrebel15 - GS Bottom Dweller

As I'm sure you know Soulrebel15, talent is only one part of the winning formula. And as you pointed out, it starts with the leadership at the top, which is seriously lacking in GS.

In addition, they knew what these players were like before they obtained them. What made them think they wouldn't be a problem in GS just like they were problems with other franchises?

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Golden State has bad

Golden State has bad management. You will see a lot of teams that have bad management do poorly all the time no matter how much talent they acquire. Clippers are in a similiar situation. There are some teams with solid to good coaches that would love to have this talent but no the Clippers and Golden State have this but they are in disarray. Golden States has like a million swingmen and guards and they been needing help up front for years. They should not be playing players out of position when they could easily put together a versatile team but trading a few assets that they have in surplus. I have wanted to be a General manager in the NBA but I realize they would rather hire dummies than people that can build a team. Guys like Brian Conlango and Sam Presti have done a great job. Even Danny Ainge has looked pretty good. Donnie Walsh should be able to turn the Knicks around next year. The Portland Trailblazer's GM was doing good until he cake under the pressure so i am thinking that they just go lucky.
Laker's GM could be a lot better because outside of the star players the Lakers bench is terrible and that Shanon Brown move was just a copy of the Ariza move but hey that one worked out. I take that back Mitch is alright but he on Ainge level right now until he improves their bench mainly by moving the broke machine and Farmar for some more reliable players. If Lakers can find a way to trade with Minnnesota for Sessions I will be super happy. He is rotting on the bench in Minnesota behind a rookie when is not that much older and so much better.

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They simply need to fire

They simply need to fire Nelson, trade Jackson for a player that is good and has maturity and leadership skills, and get a post player that can score. It may/will take longer than 1 season, but that is what has to happen for them to play up to their capabilities.

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Hold Up

Can somebody who knows what they are talking about explain to me why Don Nelson deserves to be fired? (Serious question, I want to know the facts.)

But before you start I don't want to hear these reasons:

he isnt not playin anthony randolf!!111!!!!1!1!!!!!


His style is too offense orientated. (Unless you also think Gentry and D'Antoni should be fired.)

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