kobe bryant

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kobe bryant

It seems like to me that kobe is really focused on winning and staying on top of the league for a little while longer. I'm saying this because he's playing great and to me you could argue he's the best in the league and may be getting better. He is truly skilled not as athletic as he once was but still beats his man off the dribble and finishes over people. He just seems to be on a mission to finish off strong and is playing like he has about 7 more good years in him. It got me to thinking what will these young guys that are good be when they've been around 13 years will they still dominate or be role players? Kobe may never pass jordan to some people but I think its time people stop acting as if its not close cuz its very close. And based off just skill he may be better but I won't get into that I just was thinking about this and wanted to share it cuz a lot of people don't get to see the best shooting guards ever through their whole careers. Wade, melo, lebron and any other young guns need to watch what this man is doing and relize they better develope their skills cuz the athletism will leave one day.

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I'm a laker/Kobe fan, so I'm

I'm a laker/Kobe fan, so I'm proabably biased. But when I watch the way Kobe is playing right now and compare it with guys like Lebron, Wade, Paul, Dwight, I can't help but think he is on a whole nother level. I didn't really feel that way last year because Kobe was relaxing and played the least minutes per game since he was 19 yrs old. But now he looks focused and if he can keep this up, people will hold off on those Lebron/Kobe comparisons.

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I totally agree. Kobe Bryant

I totally agree. Kobe Bryant is hands down the best player of our generation, and it's not even close. And, while he might not be as athletic as he once was, he's not THAT far off.

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IF he can keep it up?..this

IF he can keep it up?..this man is a machine he WILL be able to keep it up..he wont score a smuch once bynum and gasol get back but luckly he wont have to...its gonna be real interesting to see how good my lakers are gonna be when every one is at full strength..but yeah kobe is a better player now then he was in the past because of his newly improved post game ala jordan when he got into his 30's

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Kobe is just taking over right now.He is doing tremendous things for the Lakers. Without Bynum and Gasol the Lakers need a big lift and Kobe is the one to do it. Like quincey said his numbers will drop when Gasol and Bynum come back but the team is going to be amazing especially with their new motivation of repeating the championship last year.

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