Name some of your favorite basketball moments

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Name some of your favorite basketball moments

What are some of your favorite bball memories or moments in either college or the pro's?

Some of mine:

Nick Van Exel in the '95 playoffs. The Lakers were not expected to do much in the playoffs that year. The Lakers were underdogs to the Sonics in the First round, and watching Nick and Payton go back and forth was so much fun. Then in the second round, the Lakers were down 3-1 and needed to win game 5 to keep themselves alive. Nick hits a 3 with like 4 seconds remaining to send it to overtime. Then with like 3 seconds left in overtime, he hits a running off balance 3 at the buzzer to win it. That was probably the most excited I've ever been as a fan.

UCLA Bruins vs Gonzaga in the Sweet 16 the year Morrison left college. The Bruins were down double digits the whole game and they came back against the Bulldogs. Morrison and Affllalo were going back and forth. Then with like 10 seconds remaining, Jordan Farmar rips the center for Gonzaga and hits Mbah a Moute for the game winning lay up. Morrison would be left rolling around on the court sobbing. The Bruins would march on towards the title game.

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Ohio State handing that

Ohio State handing that dominant, Deron Williams led Illinois team their first of two losses

The 2000 eighth seeded Knicks team that made it all the way to the NBA finals

The crazy fight between the Knicks and Heat during the '97 playoffs

Jeff Van Gundy hanging onto Alonzo Mourning's leg during the '98 playoffs fight

Watching Carmelo Anthony dominate the Big East during his one year of college

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Olajuwon blocking Starks at

Olajuwon blocking Starks at the end of game six in the '94 finals.

Starks going 2-18 in game 7 and the Rockets winning.

Olajuwon draining a 3 with the clock winding down to wrap up the sweep of the Magic in '95

Jerry Stackhouses dunk against Duke

A tip dunk Rodney Rogers had against the Spurs where I swear it looked like his chin was over the rim. Think it was '94 or '95.

Kobe's 81 [though I didn't see that live]

Vince Carter's against the grain 360 cockback against the Rockets during his rookie year. He literally sucked the air out of the building. Everyone in the arena got quiet and Bill Worell [Rockets announcer] about lost his mind. Still have that game on tape.

The time I dunked on Taliek Brown at 24hr fitness.

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the WE BELIEVE year

the WE BELIEVE year

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The Flu Game

MJ's flu game was probably one of the most memorable and favorite moments in the history of basketball... A player who carried the Bulls literally from the brink of a loss in the critical game 5 of the Finals... With no one on the team producing consistently that night, the Bulls were about to lose that game, I tell ya... But MJ didn't give up no matter how sick and weak he was... He still managed to load 38 points despite his weakened status including that dagger 3 in the final seconds... I still have chills in my spine thinking and watching that game...

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Any jordan moment

Just about any Jordan Moment but my favorite was 98 finals and the shot actually even the defensive play that led up to the shot to people forget he stole the ball from Karl Malone to set up that final moment for him as a bulls player. Also the first game he came back after retirement just seeing him on the court again gave me chills and hope as a bulls fan.

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