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i just read about a trade idea including Stephen Jackson, who wants out of Golden State. It said that Charlotte is thinking about trading Boris Diaw, for Stpehen Jackson... I think this is a horrible trade idea for the Bobcats, because Diaw gives them everything. He scores, passes, and rebounds. If they made this trade they would have no true pf on the team, and would almost have to start Jackson there. It could work if they wanna be a run and gun team with Felton, Raja, Wallace, Jackson, and Chandler, who are all quite athletic and Raja and Jackson have already played on teams like that (Suns and Warriors). But if they dont want Jackson playing power forward because of his size, then they have a log jam at small forward with wallace and jackson.Also, Jackson is kind of a problem im guessing too..

For Golden State they would love to do this and finally get Jackson out of there, and actually get a quality player in return. Diaw would look good in a run n gun team like he did in Phoenix, and him and Biedrins would look good in the back court. Losing Jackson would also give more minutes to some of the Warriors young guys like Morrow and Curry.

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Welllp, i heard he might get

Welllp, i heard he might get bought out.

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I do not understand why any team would want Jackson. He's a good player for the Warriors system but he's an undersized power forward and hes getting older therefore numbers wouldn't increase too much.

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Are you FutureOfTheGame?? If

Are you FutureOfTheGame?? If so, welcome back my friend. If not, that name is very very borrowed. FOTG was a contributer here for a long time and he suddenly disappeared. Like I said, if its you, welcome back, if not, get more creative.

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