Why teams won't trade for Stephen Jackson?

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Why teams won't trade for Stephen Jackson?

What, nobody wants to trade for Stephen Jackson? No surprise that the disgruntled Warrior has not been moved. It's not just that he is a pain to deal with, but few GMs want to take on his money, at his age and with his reputation. Besides getting $7.6 million this season, he has three years left and $27.6 million on his deal. "He's 31," said one GM. "Do you really want Stephen Jackson when he's 34?"

New York Daily News

Well, the GM's got a lot of points on that...LOL

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warriors are looking for

warriors are looking for good offers. notthrow aways. hell be traded but not soon

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who would want him

who would want him, who wants a guy who signs a big contract, is the captain of your squad, then says for no reason he wants to be traded? Think about it, no contender wanted to deal with iverson's crap and he is much better than jackson.

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