Iverson on 'indefinite' leave from Grizzlies

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Iverson on 'indefinite' leave from Grizzlies


Iverson is being far more petulant than, say, Ellis was when he was talking about Curry, or Jennings talking about Rubio. This has gotten to Marbury proportions, and I think the Grizzlies will be better of without him. By the end of the year, we could be talking about them as a seriously improved team, and if I were them I would be targeting Favors or a premere PF to play alongside Gasol and Mayo.

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He's something!!! Why the

Here's something!!! Why the heck did he sign with the team?????? Everyone knew he wouldn't start.

Dhamp2...the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

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I think that Zach Randolph

I think that Zach Randolph is a pretty damn good PF.

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that what ive been trying to

that what ive been trying to tell people on here..but all i would get back is..."hes the black hole and hes not that good"...not taking into account that you tend to shoot more when youre teammates dont or cant score and you need to in order to keep youre team in the game(from the previous teams hes played for)..or that fact he shoot around the same amount of shots and even less then other good pf in the nba..then there was the bad shot thing but when you are on a team with players who cant score and you have to score its only natural you are gonna take bad shots

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