Just a Quick Reminder to all

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Just a Quick Reminder to all

Before the season starts i want you to all to watch your so called Kobe Bryant Clone Paul George. Who some how has slipped 5 spots in 5 months without even playing a game.

I know EVERYONE on here was on his D**k so, i just wanted to laugh at you guys real quick, I'm pretty sure there is going to be some Terrico White Huggers soon (btw no one shoots up a mock draft board without playing a game he isn't the real deal)

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Oh be quiet

Did you not see Terrico White playing for the USA U-19 team this summer?

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Paul George is a bum,

Paul George is a bum, imo

But your wrong on White, im falling in love with Whites game...that kid is a stud

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Tim49461 - you must think the Top 10 will be all PFs

So, if Paul George and Terrico White are so bad who do you think the best SG and SF prospects are going to be in 2010? Don't tell me Willie Warren, because he will never be able to guard 2s consistently. If he isn't able to develop his PG skills enough he's nothing more than another instant offense/Ben Gordon and I would bet teams don't want to take subs in the Top Ten. Who else would you rate ahead of White as a SG? Don't tell me Avery Bradley, because he's in the Willie Warren category too, too little to play SG and not cerberal enough to be a PG, label him as another Keyon Dooling until he starts to develop some PG abilities. Tim49461, let me know when you find a better SG prospect for this draft other than White. For SFs do not say Devin Ebanks or Aminu, they're both awful outside fifteen feet away from the basket, plus Ebanks still doesn't really have a consistent handle, at least George has consistent range, albeit at Fresno St, but the 3 point line is still the same distance throughout D1. Ebanks and Aminu are both 3/4 tweeners at this point and until Aminu gets consistent range and Ebanks develops a handle and a consistent shot from outside they'll never even be rotational players on an NBA roster. Can you really say George is anything but a 2 or 3? There's no questioning that, he has the size, range, quickness, and athleticism to easily translate his talent to the next level. I can't believe NBADRAFT.NET rated Ebanks' jumpshot a 9, for what, his midrange game? Yeah, it's decent (which in mind would make it a 7 or at the most an 8), but that still doesn't give him a 9 for his shot, the guy is a SF and still can't shoot from 3 consistently!!! Ebanks and Aminu sound like a couple of Jared Jeffries clones. According to you Tim49461, you must think the top ten is going to be all PFs and maybe a couple of Cs in Aldrich and Alabi, do you really see next year's draft turning into that? Because if that's what it turns into, you will see many trades to get out of the Top Ten, the Wolves will be the first ones, and there's no way there triangle/uptempo style will ever benefit Aldrich, maybe Alabi, but not another Przybilla clone in Aldrich, and no NBADRAFT.NET he's not another Brook Lopez or even Lafrentz. At the next level he's probably just another Przybilla without all the attitude issues early in his career, he's just not agile enough to really be a huge factor at the NBA level, the man looks like the tin man out there, stiff as hell.

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I don't think that so good site like would have Warren as a SECOND PICK if he don't have future in the NBA, plus without mentioned Avery, who really could struggle because he is even smaller than Willie, i have high hopes in Xavier Henry and Lance Stephenson

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Hey! George is the real deal.

Hey! George is the real deal.

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Paul George is overrated, I

Paul George is overrated, I do agree there.

But Come On....Terrico White is gonna be a lottery pick.

I cannot wait for the season

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