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This is for any predictions that anyone has that will happen during or at the end of the season

some of mine:

Rajon Rondo leads the league in assists
Anthony Morrow is the 6th man of the year
Chris Paul is traded by the offseason
Brandon Jennigns is ROY
Carmelo Anthony is the MVP
Danilo Gallinari leads NBA is 3pt made
Bucks and Rockets make the playoffs

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Jermaine O'Neal or Trevor Ariza wins Most Improved
T-Mac is traded at the deadline NJ or NY
Al Harrington wins 6th Man
CP3 demands trade in offseason
Nets have worst record but Hornets get 1st pick and get Wall and trade CP3

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Unless an injury occurs

Unless an injury occurs during playoff time, the Boston Celtics will be the east Champs
Hornets miss playoffs
Nets finish with worst record
Anthony Randolph averages less than 20mpg (which is EXTREMELY disappointing)
Allen Iverson Gets Traded
Tayshaun Prince Gets Traded
Tyrus Thomas gets Traded
Carlos Boozer DOESNT Get Traded

just a few of my billions of predictions

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Just off the top of my head

Celtics win the title
Chris Paul demands a trade 2010
Carmelo Anthony is MVP
Kings land the 1st pick in the draft
Record amount of trades are made during the trade deadline.
Knicks move Jeffries contract.
Tyrus Thomas is traded.
Blazers trade one of their point guards.
Tmac is traded for a big man.
Derrick Rose hits the sophomore jinx.
LeBron is known as the best player today hands down.
Pistons regret giving Charlie V a big contract.

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mayo n rose hit the sophmore

mayo n rose hit the sophmore jinx
chris kaman makes the all star team
bayless gets moved
rockets get into the playoffs
tyreke evans wins ROY
Eric Gordon leads the league in 3 point%

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