how good can the rockets be

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how good can the rockets be

im suprise a 4-2 start. without tmac and yao. against teams like the blazers,the jazz, and they beat teams like the clippers and thunder but both teams have better players than them. landy has been excellent coming off the bench. brooks and lowry are a quick pg duo. ariza been solid. and the coaching has been good. i just wanna know what if i mean what if you get a healthy tmac back. how good could this team be.

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Everybody was counting the

Everybody was counting the Rockets out before the season started and saying they'd be one of the worst teams in the NBA. I posted that they wouldn't make the playoffs, but they'd be very competitive because they have a bunch of tough players and a coach that always overachieves. Battier, Brooks/Lowry, Hayes/Landry, etc. I think the play of Ariza has really given them a lift. I wouldn't be surprised if this team finished with a .500 record. When T-Mac returns, things could get very interesting.

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The Factor

The biggest factor for their impressive start is how well-balanced their offense is... I've observed that in their games so far this season, 6-8 players would score in double-figures and that's a great way to win especially when they got nobody to rely on but themselves... NOT to mention that they got a great coach in Rick Adelman... Should the Rockets make the playoffs this year, he should win the Coach of the Year hands down.

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They will make the playoffs, but only if T-Mac plays in less than 41 games.

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Tough team

Good tough young point guard. Nice scorers in Budinger and Ariza. Ariza is better than I thought he was. I was not high on him in seasons past. He has improved his shooting a lot more than I thought he would. Very athletic team.

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Brooks & Ariza have been playing really well. BUT, if I'm not mistaken the Rockets went on a run last year winning 30 games or so in a row, and then >>>>>>>>>>> Also, Ariza had revenge by giving a few blocks at the Lakers-Rockets game.

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i think they need tmac to

i think they need tmac to make the playoffs...right now teams dont know what to expect against them because there isnt a full scouting report on the season goes on teams will know how to defend them and score on them better..the same case with rookies as teams start to get the scouting report they will know wht works againt them and what doent

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OP: they didn't beat the

OP: they didn't beat the clippers

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