J-Rich seems to feel good at TD Garden

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J-Rich seems to feel good at TD Garden

Jason Richardson seems to be a Boston Strangler, Andrew Toney 2.0 type... I remember when he posted 34 points in a win against the Celtics during the 2007-08 season and handed them their first home loss that year when he was with the Bobcats... Well, seems like a De Ja Vu all over again like tonight... He was simply on fire. 34 points 6-7 from 3, 10 rebounds... You can't stop this guy once he gets it going and he has done a wonderful performance twice in that building. As a result, the Suns beat the mighty Celtics...

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Agree, maybe players do better if the crowd is loud or they like the color green. I would do good outside, maybe the NBA should host a game outside.

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