Brendan Haywood

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Brendan Haywood

As you all know, Brendan has always been noted as a lazy center with limited talents. The moment he stepped on the court and has Michael Jordan during his baby years, Brendan proved that he could be a solid center in the league. He may never be an All-Star but this Tar Heel has worked in his game and it's crazy to see that he has been with the Wizards for a stretch of 8 years now. His 7'0 265 lbs frame is rare to find in the NBA that's why the Wizards kept him that long. I think he deserve at least one shout out in this forum and I will give it to him. I've seen him at least show an improvement in his free throw shooting and I have seen him doing a solid job particularly in 2007-08 Season which benefit when Etan Thomas went out with a heart problem. This opportunity allowed Brendan to really improve and had career numbers ESPECIALLY his free throws which he shot 74%. It is the most impressive improvement I've seen from him that year. Last year, he played a handful of games due to a wrist injury but still showed flashes of brilliance once in a while... This season, I am impressed byfar with his numbers. He is currently averaging 12 and 9 and has kept his starting role even if the team acquired Fabricio Oberto, Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee... He had a 19 against ATL and had a double-double against MIA with 16 and 11... Tonight, he had been a monster on the boards though they lost. He had 9 pts and 19 rebounds... I mentioned that Brendan is not a star but I love what his role is on a Wizards team and he understood now what it means to be a solid C.

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he goes under the radar, but

he goes under the radar, but i appreciated what he brang to tthe team a few years ago. Losing him last year was a big hit to the team that also went mostly un talked about. Washington needs size and he has it along with decent skills.

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He's just inconsistent. He

He's just inconsistent. He plays reall good sometimes using his size to his advantage, but other times he looks like a big, tall high school center who gets lost on the court and makes silly mistakes. I'm not crazy about him at all, he plays too much like Samuel Dalembert who I already don't care for lol.

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