Sczerbiak may consider retirement

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Sczerbiak may consider retirement

The unsigned Wally Szczerbiak told The Post yesterday he underwent knee surgery three weeks ago at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan and is seriously considering retiring in the coming weeks. The surgeons have told Szczerbiak another knee injury could affect his ability to lead a normal life because he lacks enough cartilage in the knee after three surgeries.

New York Post

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I hate to hear that. Shut it

I hate to hear that. Shut it down Wally, so you can at least play with your kids and enjoy the rest of your life. There is life after basketball. Retiring in your 30's with millions of dollars doesn't sound so bad.

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My Denver Nuggets had

My Denver Nuggets had considered signing him. Go ahead a retire Wally, you had a nice career! You even made the all-star team once, which most players can't say.

Dhamp2...the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

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he was a having some good

he had a few good years for the t-wolves..even made the allstar team...but wasn't the same after his 1st surgery....the past few years he's been stealing owners money..he should've retired 3 years ago....shut it down wally..and enjoy the rest of your life.....

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Wally World. I hope he has a

Wally World. I hope he has a wonderful retirement.

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I like Wally's game he can

I like Wally's game he can shoot the three from anywhere and has very good experience. But it's bad when you see a guy retire from a injury. I don't think a team will sign him so he has no other choice but to retire but he had a very good career.

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