kevin martins injured again

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kevin martins injured again
i guess reke will now get to play the 2 cuz benos been out performing at pg. yes beno udrih... check the stats or watch the games its true

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I know everyone's ripping on 'Reke

If you watch the games teams are playing 5 feet off him trying to keep him from doing what he is best at: driving to the basket. He is still making it there, but he's been missing layups, or passing to weak interior players. It usually (not always) takes a pg awhile (year or more) to develop. Deron Willams, Billups, Nash come to mind right away. I know he's not a typical pg but he's not in a system that requires a true point, so give him a little time to develop. Jennings is obviously a stud so far but don't grade their careers or the team's drafts off of 5 games. Drafting is about a career not ROY awards and fast starts. I have to say the one thing that is easily learned in the NBA is shooting. Think about the number of guys that need to work on their shooting coming into the league. Look at the mock draft and check out weaknesses, 90% will say they need to work on the outside shot. Highly regarded shooters usually aren't on the top of everyone's draft board. Shooting can be taught, 'reke is good at the stuff tougher to teach. His driving ability and D are really solid. He may not get ROY but he will be great soon.

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cant hit jumpers

I have been watching the kings games and he cant hit jumpers he doesnt even want to shoot and teams are letting him shoot and he is not making them pay for it. But back to Martin he had been playing pretty good shooting the ball well too bad he got hurt it really doesnt matter anyway cause this team is terrible and udrih has been playing better he is hitting his jumpshots and playing real well he has actually been taking minutes away from evans.

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I still don't understand

I still don't understand drafting him, now Kings will lose almost every game and get a better shot at John Wall at least.

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now there will be really

now there will be really difficult Blake to get "his" ROY with Jennings dominated in Milwaukee, same could be(i bet- will be) in Sacramento..15/5/5 is coming, and if he continue to shoot 15+ fga and finally gets his rhyme , he will be like O.J. last year in scoring IMPO.. nice competition is coming

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