Christmas in November

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Christmas in November

The play of Brandon Jennings has been the pleasant surprise of the early NBA season. His quickness is reminiscent of young AI, I would like to see a little more ball distribution, but in all I believe he is the steal of the draft to this point. I know Derrick Rose was hobbled but Jennings displayed superior quickness and creativity. That said if you were drafting your team and both guards were available to be selected, all other positions were set with emerging talent as follows:

PF: Strong post play, athletic defender, suitable mid range jumper, decent/good hands (Al Horford type)
SF: Shooter, strong mid range and deep perimeter, more offensive minded, not a tremendous rebounder, runner (Peja)
C: Good role playing starter, decent post offense, slightly above average defender due to length and will (Brendan Haywood/Bogut)
SG: Strongest existing player on roster, all star caliber offensively and defensively, quick, avg height 6'4 to 6'6 good scoring from all areas on court, strong handle, can shut down all backcourt positions except for the absolute QUICKEST of small pg's, similar to GP and his problems with Pack, Van Exel, Kevin Johnson, Iverson, etc. (Kobe, Wade, et al)

These being the players you have to work with which player do you choose (Jennings/Rose) and why?

At this point I go with Rose, due to the defensive size advantage having two "big" guards would afford. I believe he is capable of having tremendous games offensively as his jumper improves (as a rook GP couldn't shoot well at all) and when healthy he is capable of altering the game through plays other than scoring as his late game block against the Bucks showed. My concern is the turnover to assist ratio at this point and the fact that he was blown past on occasion by Jennings who has elite speed and quickness. However if Rose recovers from his injury as expected his outstanding athleticism should help level out jennings quickness advantage. If Jennings continues his outstanding play I would be willing to reconsider this position, particularly if it extends after the all star break when most rookies hit the "wall". The fact that this is even a debatable topic leaves me with one more question. What were Jennings' Italian coaches seeing in his gameplay last season?

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