Nancy Liberman

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Nancy Liberman

Nancy Liberman will be the D-League's first Female Head coach for Dallas. Does this mean there can possibly one day be a female head coach in the NBA? I believe their could be one day a female head coach because if the better person for the job is the female, then she should win the job. Also, if the WNBA can have men as head coaches, why can't the NBA have females?

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This is pretty interesting.

This is pretty interesting. If she does a good job with that Dallas team for a few seasons, then I don't see why she wouldn't be able to get an assistant coaching job in the NBA, maybe even a head coaching position.

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I see it happening in the

I see it happening in the future. I think that Pat Summitt could coach in the NBA right now, not to mention... I think the men would respect her.

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