share's updated ROY rankings

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Offline's updated ROY rankings

Rookie of the Year rankings:

1-Brandon Jennings

2-Steph Curry

3-Johnny Flynn

4-Tyreke Evans

5-Terrence Williams

6-Chase Buddinger

7-DeJuan Blair

8-DeMar Derozan

9-Omri Casspi

10-Ty Lawson

I just wanted to add I watched Harden last night, and I think he will start geting more minutes soon. He looked real under control and solid. He hit a 3, took a charge on kobe, got some rebounds and nice assits. He might not be blazing out the gate, but he will be fine as a rookie.

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why -1? LOL>>>>> man people

why -1? LOL>>>>> man people are rough. Casspi is really impressive, i didnt see him doing what hes doing.. here ill bump u back to 0

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i dont have a a problem with

i dont have a a problem with the rankings..i think flynn needs to work on that ast to turnover ration..i know jennings and evans arent that great either but i expected more then a .86 from flynn

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