Best Pre-Game Intro's

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Best Pre-Game Intro's

Some of y'all may think this is kind of lame, but which team do y'all think has the best pre-game introduction?

I'm actually at the Pacers vs Nuggets game right now (On the internet through my phone) and their pre-game intro was off the hook lol. They made some tweaks from last years.

If I had to say my favorite, I'd say it's the Celtics'.

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worst: clippers

worst: clippers, the guy said griffin went to oklahoma state. it's also stupid besides the announcing of names. the lights and video are terrible.

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MASON of the PISTONS!!! He

MASON of the PISTONS!!! He does the best per-game intro's. He's amazing at it, like seriously

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I hve gone to a few Celtics games ayear for the past few years, and they do have the best pre-game intros. When I saw the intros to other teams these past playoffs, I though of how most weren't on par with Boston's, although Orlando's are pretty good also.

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Chicago Bulls in the days of

Chicago Bulls in the days of Jordan.

The guy in Detroit used to do a good job, idk about now. I loved the "Chauncy B-B-B-B-B-Billups!!!"

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