Iverson is the best scorer in Memphis

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Iverson is the best scorer in Memphis

O.j. Mayo needs to learn how to play point. If Memphis can formulate an offense in which Iverson is a focal point they can a terrific team. Conley would be an ideal backup. Rudy Gay is clearly a talent but he plays like he's never been coached before, what's up with that.

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A.I. was and always will be

A.I. was and always will be able to score whenever the hell he wants to, So can Gay, So can Mayo, Id say just start iverson as of now, and see how things go..........each player (Gay, Mayo, and A.i.) just play their games, they would be terriffic.

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Here's the thing Memphis

Here's the thing Memphis told Conley to step up this season and then they sigh Iverson and have already Marcus Williams. Doesn't make sense.
Look at Conley's stats as him being a pro his #s barely have difference and to me he will better as a backup to Iverson.

Iversion Said:

" I'm not a sixth man. Look at my resume i never was a sixth man. I'm not trying to be selfish." etc.

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yeah thats part of what

yeah thats part of what overson said..thats not the whole statement he made...alot of people are thinking he is being selfish already but thats because they arent reading the whole comment he said or people arent puttin gup everything he said..the whole thing he said made alot of sense...if they are winning then he doesnt mind bein a sixth man but if they are losing then it makes no sense for him to be comming off the bench since he still has starter ability

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