Does Corey Brewer

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Does Corey Brewer

Does Corey Brewer have a bright future for the wolves or should they dump him and look for some free agents next year?

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i don't think his future is

i don't think his future is gonna be that bright. but the wolves could hold onto him and use him off the bench, it's not like they have to dump him in order to go after free-agents.

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I think he could develop

I think he could develop into a Trevor Ariza type player, but he'd have to work on his spot-up shooter. So basically, I think he'll be a great defender and finisher/dunker in transition, and if he develops a jumper he could be an ideal 3rd or (more likely) 4th option. He has the potential to be a player that opposing PG's would be cautious when passing around.

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I think he could be a great

I think he could be a great role player but he should not be starting anytime soon unless he can be on Ariza's current level real soon.

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His comparison

His comparison was Stacey Augmon and I think that he's going to have a similar solid career, too... Not really a supertsar but a solid player who can contribute...

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