Michael Redd Goes Down

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Michael Redd Goes Down;_ylt=AnKr3DEIJnXEwuy8CbwTUBi8vLYF?slug=...

I've been saying it forever, it was only a matter of time until Redd got injured, this injury is only about 2 weeks, but trust me when I say, he'll be injured again

But, the point I want to get to is the man on everyones brain, Brandon Jennings, have a dead on shooter alongside of you in the backcourt will definitely help a young point guard in many ways, because more often than not, opposing teams focus more on the 2G, giving the PG more 'room'

But Jennings isnt stupid, he'll try and take advantage of this opportunity, but alot more focus will be on him in that backcourt, possibly resulting in less opportunities to create

So, with that being said...
will Redd going down Help Jennings more? or Hurt Jennings more?

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i think it will hurt

i think it will hurt jennings. Right now the wing players are mbah a moute, charlie bell, and iraslyaova(sp) and some others i'm probably forgetting. And the bigs have not been taking over either in Bogut and Warrick. While this gives jennings all the freedom he wants, it also means teams will lock in on him.

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Meeks could actually get

Meeks could actually get some burn now.

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I think it hurts him, they'll be sure to focus on him more and with Bogut struggling he really doesn't have much help although this team does have some talented players, Warrick, Delfino, Mbah Moute....I have Redd on my fantasy team and I'm so sadddd 'cause I made a trade for him which probably wasn't the best idea...

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I dont think it hurts

I dont think it hurts Jennings because Jennings played well in the preseason without much playing time for Redd. Also Meeks and Jennings Clicked well in summer league.

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I actually think it can help

I actually think it can help him because he gets more freesom to score or just create for others and that might mean meeks get playing time and them to together can be deadly they put up good stats in summer league.

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So much for a bounceback season... Michael Redd Injury Take 5!

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They need give

Jodie Meeks more minutes

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