Looking at the 2010 Draft field by position: point guards

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Looking at the 2010 Draft field by position: point guards

Point Guard
At point guard there's John Wall, and then the talent level drops off like the Grand Canyon.

John Wall has been cleared to play and is "in position"
to make a run at the number 1 pick in the draft.

UCLA's Malcolm Lee, Georgia Tech's Iman Shumpert
and Washington's Abdul Gaddy
are all big point guards for the future but there’s a good chance
they’ll need an additional season before attempting a jump to the league.

Experienced point guards Greivis Vasquez (Maryland) and Kalin Lucas (Michigan State) could make strong pushes this season on quality teams.

Kansas' Sherron Collins has been compared by some NBA scouts to Khalid El-Amin due to his less than svelte physique. His off-season conditioning is an important factor. He's developed into a terrific leader and has go to ability which helps make up for his lack of innate point guard skills.

Big East floor generals Kemba Walker (UConn), Chris Wright (Georgetown) and Corey Fisher (Villanova) appear primed for break out years.

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Okeke, lol. This is killing

Okeke, lol. This is killing me man

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does anybody know where theAlchemist plays basketball?
or if he still plays at all?
what r this guys credentials?

high ranking pro scout or am I missing something here? who is this guy?

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