tyreke evans

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tyreke evans

why is nobody talking about how bad this guy looks right now?

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Probably because he is a

Probably because he is a rookie with a broke jumper. A rookie who is being converted to a PG from a SG. A rookie who is expected to do everything for his team. A rookie on a terrible team. Mainly because he is a rookie and they have only played a Max of 4 games. Give him some time.

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cuz he has only played 3

cuz he has only played 3 games and he scored 22 in one of them. he is just an inconsistent rookie.

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because we were waiting for

because we were waiting for you to inform us. Rookies take time man. Some start off stronger then others. I don't think the clippers, Grizz, Kings, Thunder, Knicks, and Raptors are all thinking they screwed up because their top 10 picks don't look great right now.

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just because first game is

just because first game is first game, and in third game he was injured, so there left just second, and how about those 22points
Jennings is crazy, and might favourite my rookie but i still wait is he can do same things in at least next Tyreke still my biggest contender to compete with Blake

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Not to mention the fact he

Not to mention the fact he only played one year of college ball. I don't think the Kings are concerned how "terrible" he looked. He showed promise too and 3 games into his career I think he's doing just fine.

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i think it

i think it rookie you expect a player not to be that great and they need the same time i cant give the excuse that someone just played one year because there are other rookies out there who only played one year and look fine...i think evans will be ok but i am concerned about how bad he has looked as a pg....because honestly he hasnt looked like one but more like a sg

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