Andray Blatche

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Andray Blatche

Wow.... He has looked absoleutly spectacular this year. He has really improved in terms of strength and comsistency. I think he could possibly be on the way to being a star in the league. The Wizards are playing their best whenever Blatche is on the court. What do you guys think about him? Does he really have that kind of potential?

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i expect

Andray Blatche to play good every night.

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This looks similiar to

This looks similiar to Jermaine O'neal who took like 5 years to get playing time and display his skills. I think Blatche is finally on track. It will be interesting when Jamison comes back.

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I'm a believer in this guy

I'm always keeping a tab on this guy. I've been wishing for the best of him since highschool. Didn't think he'll be this good when I first saw him in high school my senior year. He help us win the NY state title in 2002 when he was pickup from the JV squad. Since then, they've been talking about him going pro and I've been wishing him the best coming from my home town.

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He needs to be consistent... That's all he needs to make himself known in the NBA world... He's doing a stellar job and has been capable of producing those kinds of numbers that he dropped against the Nets...

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