if your kevin pritchard....

lets say ur the portland GM. also Batum is healthy. now, bayless and webster are most likely just rotting on the bench, steve blake and travis outlaw have expiring contracts, u have a good amount of cap space. What moves do you make if any?

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I would

Trade everybody for the life-rights to the Balloon-Boy story.

Mr. Basketball
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get an offensively capable

get an offensively capable big man for bayless and webster package. not sure who.

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i mean lamarcus is pretty offensively capable big guy, he can shoot it, maybe could post up more but he has a nice hook shot. i think they need a really good SF and another big man to go with pryzbilla on the second unit

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They don't really need

They don't really need anything....but if its me i would trade Bayless to the Knicks for a 1st round draft pick and reload their talent

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I resign Webster, I like him

I resign Webster, I like him alot. I think between him batum, fernandez, and outlaw, the sf/backup sg positions are on lock. The bigs are also taken care of with Odom, Aldridge, Przybilla and Outlaw geting some minutes. You already have your franchise guy in Roy. The one thing missing is a pg and I don't think Miller is the answer. He doesn't shoot well enough to play off Roy, and that was obvious in the amount of time they spent together so far. Blake is defenitely not the answer either.

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I'd keep Webster for sure.

I'd keep Webster for sure. As a matter of fact, he should remain the starter at small forward, even when Batum returns. He brings offense and defense. He plays hungry, aggressive and is way more athletic than I realized.

As far as point guard goes, Miller is not the answer. What they needed was an upgraded Blake... A point guard who can defend, play off of Roy, stretch the floor and shoot.

What this team really needs is inside scoring. If Aldridge played more aggressive and added that dimension to his game, this team would be A LOT better. They also need to start playing better defense. As great as Roy is, he still isn't a good defender.

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Scola would be absolutely

Scola would be absolutely amazing as the backup PF

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Ya cant trade him to the

Ya cant trade him to the Knicks for first rounder. They dont have one.

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Future first rounder then. I

Future first rounder then. I agree about Miller, don't think he really fits in. Apart from PG they are loaded.

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4 Draft Choices in Europe

When you talk about Portland, you always have to factor in their draft choices still playing in Europe that they never bother to bring to the US.

Joel Freeland - England [Center]
Victor Claver - Spain [SF/PF]
P. Kopponen - Finland [PG]
Omer Asik - Turkey [Center]

Apparently Asik, a mobile center, Claver, a high flying foward, and Kopponen, another PG, are all rated very highly. Of course Portland doesn't need any more point guards.

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Webster starts

Webster is not rotting on the bench I think he is starting and he is shooting pretty good and playing good defense. I also like fernandez if im them i probably see what i can get for outlaw other than that i think they are pretty solid.

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