all 90's draft?

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all 90's draft?

Who do you think would go where?

I'm gonna use the worst winning % in the 1990's to determine picks (once i find them)

Here's my estimate top 10

1. Los Angeles Clippers- Kobe Bryant
2. Golden State Warriors- Tim Duncan
3. New Jersey Nets- Shaquille O' Neal
4. Philadelphia 76ers- Kevin Garnett
5. Denver Nuggets- Jason Kidd
6 Dallas Mavericks- Allen Iverson
7. Memphis Grizzles- Paul Pierce
8. Toronto Raptors- Vince Carter
9. Miami Heat- Penny Hardaway
10. Minnesota Timberwolves- Chris Webber

tell me if im missing someone
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i would start with Shaq.

i would start with Shaq. Remember when he was 25 years old? That man was an absolute beast.

missing Dirk and maybe Alonzo Morning over Penny

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Grant Hill

I think you have to have him in there somewhere. I think he had more of an impact in the 90s than say Paul Pierce or Vince Carter, both of whom are great players. People forget just how great he was during his prime.

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I think Duncan or Shaq

I think Duncan or Shaq should be first. It's much harder to find a great big man than it is to find a great guard.

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u forgot about

Glen Rice

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good subject!

1. Los Angeles Clippers- Shaq
2. Golden State Warriors- Duncan
3. New Jersey Nets- Bryant
4. Philadelphia 76ers- Garnett
5. Denver Nuggets- Kidd
6 Dallas Mavericks- G.Hill
7. Memphis Grizzles- Iverson
8. Toronto Raptors- CWebb
9. Miami Heat- Payton
10. Minnesota Timberwolves- Vince

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