I complained about it before but

Truth....I think you should help Lion Pack.

Don't give him the best players in FA but some good players. You should have everyone take vote on who to start for him.

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im not. thats his problem. like kacey said thats his fault. if he wasnt gonna be active then why join the league.

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Screw Lion Pack. If he

Screw Lion Pack. If he isn't going to participate then let his team ride out the way it is. It wouldn't matter who he put on Packs' team, they would still get his ass kicked by truth.

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Another year under Casey’s

Another year under Casey’s system should help reduce Toronto’s tendency to give away points at the foul line, but a bigger impact will come from having Bargnani in the lineup for a full season and the addition of Lowry. Bargnani averaged 5.6 free throw attempts per game last year and could have made up half the discrepancy in attempts on his own if he had played the full season, plus Lowry averaged 2.9 more attempts per game than Calderon. Next season, the huge gap in free throw attempts between the Raptors and their opponents should be reduced.

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Minnesota Timberwolves –

Minnesota Timberwolves – Seemingly overnight, the T-Wolves transformed a young and inexperienced group into a veteran-laden team heading into this season. Andrei Kirilenko’s entrance into the starting lineup and, if healthy, Brandon Roy’s return to grace looks to give Minnesota a legit chance of a postseason appearance in 2013.

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It’s too early to tell how

It’s too early to tell how good Waiters will be right away, but here's what we think we know: He’s a streaky shooter from the perimeter, he can get to the basket practically at will, and as coach Byron Scott said, “he can go over the top” of defenders once there. Overall, he's looking pretty good.

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All this time, the

All this time, the Timberwolves have been looking for their glue. On Tuesday, with an inferior opponent, a healthy lineup and the ability to focus singularly on themselves, they found it. It's still that weak kind of preschool glue stick at this point, and they'll need rubber cement. But they've found the glue. Their play has hinted at it, and better yet, they still know that this isn't as good as it can get.

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