Barkley, Does anyone else feel this way?

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Barkley, Does anyone else feel this way?

This is ridiculous, does anyone else really believe this?

Also, Amazing :), Had to put it.

And Also, LOL @ Manu

I hope this doesn't lag anyone Comp/Lap with these three videos. I just had to put 'em up. I don't know if anyone else has.

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nah, the rockets play

nah, the rockets play defense still almost as well as anyone. Battier, Ariza, Scola, Landry, Hayes and Lowry can all d up hard. That alone will keep them competitive. Brooks is gonna step up and be the leader this year. I could see him putting up 20 with 6 assists and gettign some discussions for all-star talk. But overall, they will still be a bad team. I see about 30-35 wins. I still think the wolves and kings are the two worst teams in the west.

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llperez is right, Kings and

llperez is right, Kings and Wolves are the worst teams in the Western Conference.

Brandon Jennings is looking great so far. I'm gonna wait until December before making any predictions though.

Manu's got some pretty quick reflexes.

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Rockets are one of the

Rockets are one of the worst. I think when Teams start really playing...they will fall near the bottom

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Looks like Jennings has been

Looks like Jennings has been watching Jamal Crawford on the fastbreak.

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