OKC can be scary...also shout out to Iggy9

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OKC can be scary...also shout out to Iggy9

I honestly think OKC should add a PF. Durant has looked good, Westbrook looks like a Stud. Harden will improve coming in year 2, Green needs to come off the bench.

Can anyone give me some info on BJ Mullens?

Also- Shout out to Iguodala9 man, you gave me 4 amazing emails and I want you on our staff as a part time guy for our show

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I think that Green is doing

I think that Green is doing fine at the 4 spot. He rebounds well and has an outside shot which spreads the floor. His low-post moves are still a work in progress but he could honestly become a better version of David West which is very good.

Center is the spot they need to address by getting some toughness down there. Nenad is your typical outside shooting European and Mullens just isn't ready for big minutes at Center. If they can find someone with solid low-post moves and to be a presence on the defense in they are in business.

If Eddy Curry comes back healthy with his old form look for the Thunder to at least have a look at acquiring him. His contract ends when Durant and Green are due for extensions so it isn't a massive risk to try.

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Thanks man! I'm glad I made

Thanks man! I'm glad I made it!

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If there's any general conclusion you can draw with this team it's the fact they're headed in the right direction. They were very lucky when Portland took Oden with the first pick in the draft and they wound up with a future super star in Kevin Durrant.

Green is an excellent PF, and let's not forget Nick Collison, who is an outstanding rebounder and an excellent role player. If anyone read my previous posts on role players you know how I feel about them.

As for BJ Mullens, I thought that was a poor draft choice. I heard so much hype about this guy, but when I saw him play at Ohio State I couldn't believe how bad he was game after game. The young man was completely lost out on the court. He was one guy who should have stayed in college for at least another 1 to 2 years to learn the game. Now I think he'll always be remembered as a guy with outstanding physical talent who never came close to reaching his potential.

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