Brown Still Believes Curry Will Be An Asset

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Brown Still Believes Curry Will Be An Asset

Brown Still Believes Curry Will Be An Asset

Oct 31, 2009 11:24 AM EST
Larry Brown still believes that Eddy Curry will be an asset in the near future.

Brown endorsed the acquisition of Curry when he was coaching the Knicks in 2005.

"I believe down the road he'll be an asset, I really believe that," Brown told the New York Post on Friday.

"He still has time and has a general manager who thinks a lot of him and is not rushing him. But if he doesn't play this year, it's going to be real hard."

Curry will be reevaluated Sunday and could be cleared to practice for the first time since the opening day of training camp.

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maybe he should trade for him than. Feel free to give up 2 1st round picks for him too like Isiah and expiring contracts.

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yup, i'm telling you guys,

yup, i'm telling you guys, just give him another year. Same goes for Kwame and Darko, they'll show everyone what's up.

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