Who needs Yao? McGrady?

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Who needs Yao? McGrady?

The Ariza/Brooks lead rockets just beat a title contender in the Blazers despite 42 from Roy.

Who thinks they can keep this up?
Will ariza and Brooks continue to play this well?

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Whoever told you the Blazers

Whoever told you the Blazers were a title contender lied to you.

It's still early. Teams/players are still getting their winds and developing chemistry. The Mavs beat the Lakers by double figures the other night. I can almost guarantee you that, that'll NEVER happen again this season.

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I was at this game and OH BOY

I LIKED WHAT I SAW. Ariza has the Green Light and he isn't afraid to be aggressive and shoot. Brooks has been doing this for a while now or at least it seems, but if Scola can get it going then I think my Rockets can do something especially if McGrady can come back as well. Landry played exceptional, but the lack of length showed against this team since we were blocked alot and gave up alot of offensive boards. Chuck Hayes has played his butt off though and I'm surprised at Battier's lack of consistency, he hasn't been hitting shots, but to answer your questions I don't think Ariza will put up 25+ every night, but 20 doesn't seem like a stretch. He'll have some big nights and then some nights where he shoots poorly and still scores alot. It's all on him though, he's been given the opportunity, he just has to take it like he has been. Brooks will keep it up though, he's just a beast. :) This was a great win and I hope we can get more fans to come out because I was disgusted to see the turnout. It may have been that it was just Halloween or just a lack of faith. Who knows? It was nice to see Yao and 'Mac out there as well. Good Game, Great Team Performance, the ending was somewhat shaky though, but I'll take the W. A win is a win and a Win against a team like Portland is a big confidence booster. GO ROCKETS!

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No they won't make the

No they won't make the playoffs..But i see them similar to Golden ST..They'll be fun to watch..And they might catch a team if the team is slacking...Brooks is goin to wear down like he did during the playoffs..

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Who needs Yao and Tracy??

Who needs Yao and Tracy?? The Rockets do. You cant be missing the 2 best players on you team and be okay. Just because these 2 young guys have played a few good games doesnt mean they can do it all year. They need people who have proved that they can do it for an entire year.

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no they cant

I dont think they can keep this up they have been shooting out of their minds in the first couple of games that will come down to normal soon and they are small up front they got chuck hayes starting at center a lot of teams should take advantage of them and also brooks is playing 40 minutes a game he cant keep up that pace.

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