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Is it just me or are the refs calling an unusual amount of ticky tack fouls? You can barely touch someone nowadays, whether it be on the perimeter or in the paint, without the refs blowing the whistle. It's annoying. Am I the only one who's feeling this way?

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I haven't been noticing

I haven't been noticing anything different.

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raptor games

in the two raptor games of this year, i watched both, i saw a lotta lil fouls of guys just trying to get position. many of these were called against bargnani and he was doing anything wrong..

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Well I noticed that in the

Well I noticed that in the preseason, you couldn't breathe on a guy without the ref blowing the whistle, I think I remember a game with 95 freethrow attempts, but in the regular season everything looks pretty normal.

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there are a lot more fouls

I have noticed there have been a lot more fouls called even little touch fouls teams are getting over the limit with like 7-8 minutes left in the quarter usually from what i have noticed the home teams are usually them ones getting the benefit of the calls too.

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