Who would you rather have in nba fantacy league?

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Who would you rather have in nba fantacy league?

OPTION 1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Devin Harris and Luol Deng
OPTION 2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>O.J Mayo and Lamar Odom

which option would you pick for your fantacy league? Why would you pick this option?

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mayo and odom... loul deng

mayo and odom... loul deng just isnt that great fantasy wise...

odom will get more blocks, steals, boards, and 3's than deng*... only thing devin harris is beating mayo at is assists and pts... which the pts can be found elsewhere

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Mayo & Odom because both

Mayo & Odom because both players affect the game even if they don't play great stat wise because defensively they can play lock down defense and blocks, steals.

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It's just too easy to pick this, c'mon. Luol Deng is playing like bootyfart right now...Not to mention Lamar will give you some rebounding and both give you better 3% then Harris and Deng. Mayo will pass the ball believe it or not and pretty good from the line.

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Devin Harris and Luol Deng,

Devin Harris and Luol Deng, once Gasol comes back Odom is back to the bench and less minutes.

Harris will get you assists. Dengs scored 17 pts last nite how is he playing like crap.
Mayo will have a lot of turnovers and not many assists compared to Harris and they are close scoring wise.

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