Is this a fair deal for both teams?

In my family/friends league, I have made a deal that is causing some uproar. Some of the other owners in the league think I'm ripping my cousin off. Here's the deal:

I get Dallas Clark and Nate Kaeding, he gets Kevin Smith and John Carney.

Keep in mind, this is a NON-PPR league, every 10 yards equals a point (25 yards for QBs) and every TD is 6 points. Starting lineup consists of 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 WR/TE, K, DEF.

I also have Ray Rice and DeAngelo in this league and have rolled with Dustin Keller every week this year, so you can tell I needed a TE very badly. Therefore, Kevin Smith was expendable.

Now my cousin, has Matt Forte, Julius Jones, and Glen Coffee as his running backs. Talk about suck. Heath Miller and Clark were his tight ends, so he could afford to trade one of them. He is also a HUGE Colts fan, so for him to offer this deal to me shows his eagerness to do the trade. Also, keep in mind, this isn't some 12 year cousin of mine playing in the league, this is a married man who knows a thing or two or three or four (you get the point) about football.

Is this considered a fair trade based on the circumstances and current lineups of both teams?

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you are getting slight

you are getting slight advantage but i think it is a deal that has to be made. he is so weak at RB and has a very good backup TE. the trade should be allowed.

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yeah that is a fair trade.
yeah that is a fair trade.  I think your cousin is getting the better deal.  Kevin Smith is a top 20 RB.
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Thank you gator. I agree.

Thank you gator.

I agree. He is getting a quality back, I think the people in my league completely underrate K-Smith. He has a great 4 week schedule coming up, and should be close to being a top-10 RB based on points in my league. Right now he is at 16. Only reason I'm trading him is due to the fact my WRs have been struggling (Jennings and Calvin), my TE position has been non-existent (thank you Dustin Keller), and I still have some quality depth at RB compared to the other teams in my league.

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Shabazz might be the most

Shabazz might be the most polished and NBA ready player of the bunch. Like Noel, it’s unlikely that he’s with UCLA next year as he could arguably be the top pick in 2013.

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Part of the problem, of

Part of the problem, of course, is that unlike some of the all-time greats McGrady didn’t stay in elite shape during the NBA offseason. Like many players, he would count on being able to play himself into shape in training camp rather than staying ready during the summer, and while he was good enough to survive that way for a while, it did catch up with him fairly quickly.

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Also please note that any

Also please note that any player with guard eligibility in Yahoo! Fantasy Leagues will be listed, which means that many players will be ranked at multiple positions, i.e. forward as well as center…

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