Andrea Bargnani

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Andrea Bargnani

So...I have to bring it up, dude went off for 28 Points, on 11-15 Shooting, 2-3 from deep, with 5 rebounds, one ast, block, and steal. He tore up the Cavs and I think this will continue on through the season...he's a mismatch out there, Shaq and Big Z were too slow and are more comfortable defending downlow. Even Andy V couldn't stop him, well he did for a bit causing two offensive fouls on Bargnani. Anyways, many have been saying this is his year and the Raptors are looking smart by getting him signed before he breaks out. Is this the year Bargnani goes off? What do you all think fo yesterday's game...? A fluke? Or a sign of things to come? Him, Bosh, Hedo, Calderon, and Derozan is one heck of a Starting 5. Oh and before you question defense, I think he did a Solid Job against Shaq even if he is old.

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i think hes going to

i think hes going to average 20 7 1 1 1
i picked him for my fantasy team and yes i think hes going to have his best year so far

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I like Andrea Bargnani.

I like Andrea Bargnani. Versus teams who have traditional centers who are used to guarding the basket, he'll cause problems. I think he'll have a very good season. He's similar to Dirk in the fact he's a mismatch because of his size and shooting ability. It's just one game, but I really like the way the Raptors look as a team. I still have questions about their front court toughness and overall team defense, but I liked the way they looked versus the Cavaliers.

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I like him as long as the other guys can help rebound like they did. He does some nice things and he is a big mismatch for a lot of guys, but he's still a weak defender and and even weaker rebounder for a 7 footer. Guys like Okur, Dirk, Rasheed and even when Raef Lafrenz was playing were all guys that hovered around the perimeter, but were all much better rebounders. With that said, this will be his best year. Bosh is has a lot to prove and I think Hedo should help get Andrea the ball. Hopefully he can take this game and build up on it as the season goes on.

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