Raptors That Good? Or Cavs That Bad?

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Raptors That Good? Or Cavs That Bad?

In the season opener the Cavaliers lost to the Celtics, regardless of who won that game..I dont think anyonw would have been surprised, but last night.....The Cavs lost to the Raptors and are now 0-2. Lebron James put up one of the best games of his career statistically with a 23 points, 12 assist, and 11 boards

So have the Cavs not been able to mesh yet with there acquisitions, Parker, Moon, and Shaq?

Or have the Raptors improved so much that they are now apart of the upper-core of the eastern conference?

Or are people looking too deeply into the Cavaliers 0-2 start for this season?

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It's really hard to say

It's really hard to say after one game, but the Raptors looked very good. They seemed to have good team chemistry and all the essential parts to a really good team. The Cavs will bounce back, they had a major makeover from last seasons team, and I just think they will take some time to get in rythm, and when they do they will be a top 3 team in the East, but in my opinion #3 behind Boston and Orlando. I think Toronto is probably the 4th best team in the East, but Washington could be in that conversation if they can stay healthy.

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Here's my opinion Mike Brown

Here's my opinion

Mike Brown is bamboozled, it looks like he doesn't know what the hell to do with that roster. Their offensive set's are terrible, and i mean terrible. When LeBron comes out of the game they need to feed Shaq or they can't score. Jackson would be absolutely great to this team. Mo Will needs to score on the perimeter and be a threat like last year, because LeBron is the only one able to create offense right now.

As for the Raptors, they are very good, not great. they have no inside presence though which will hurt. Bargnani and DeRozan have looked tremendous though, Hedo? Not so much

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Raptors looked really

Raptors looked really good.
To be honest, Lebron didnt play as well as he usually does, his stats are good, but if you were watching the game like I was, I hope you would agree that it wasnt one of his better games scoring.
He passed teh ball very well, but It seemed to me he was having a lot of trouble putting the ball in the basket.

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I also watched the game and LeBron didn't do that good..Let's say it was a silent triple double...It was liek he didnt took the game seriously(was laughing everytime he scored) do you agree?Raptors will be a good team this year,if Andrea Bargnagni keeps on putting up strong performances like he did yesterday.

Also, the Cavs aren't that good. They have no post players capable of guarding the Bosh and Nowitski of this league. Shaq don't want to go out on the perimeter and the same goes for Ilgauskas. This will be a problem against the C's cause RAsheed Wallace can really shoot it.

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Raps are for real

Raptors are deep too. Wait till Derozan gets comfortable with Bargnani improving too.
This team has 2 legit Pg's and Turkoglu who's a point forward too.
Pg's shot 3-15 and they still won by 10.
They let Parker go for a reason Derozan, Belinelli are better than him.
They have potential to be the 2nd or 3rd best team in the conference.
Defense in the paint is their biggest concern, guarding guys like Howard, Shaq thats where Bosh has to improve.
Not sure how guys had them lower than a 6th seed this year.
Someone actually said Indiani is better than them where besides SF?

Miami taking O'neals contract really help them.

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Yes I agree, I feel like

Yes I agree, I feel like Lebron wasnt taking it seriously either.
The Raptors have the chance to be top 4, but i think 5th is where they will be.
And I agree that Cavs will have trouble guarding Bargnani and Dirk type players out on the perimeter, i think if Andrea averages over 20 ppg this year, top 4 seed atleast.

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I watched the game too on The Score and James was laughing everytime he scored and it didn't look like he was taking the game to seriously. But the Raptors looked like they were meshing. Honestly, DeRozan was doing A LOT of things on the court. His hussle plays were amazing and he was just doing fantastic for a rookie. I loved it when Calderon missed his first free throw the crowd went kind of silent and when he missed the second free throw the crowd was like wtf! Belinelli looked awesome and Bargnani is a beast.

Shaq lost his touch in my opinion and Varejao is the biggest flopper ever.

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Good start for the Raptors, Bad start for the Cavs...PERIOD

But the thing about this season is not how well you start... but it's how well you finish it...

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Cavs played bad but toronto is still bad

The cavs got that big lead down to 2 points and then lebron had to rest and they couldnt get over the hump the cavs are gonna be alright I want them to be bad cause I dont like them but theyll be alright toronto is not that good in my opinion.

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I think Lebron, as good as

I think Lebron, as good as he is, is a player killer. Every time he gets a good player on his team, they end up watching almost as much of the game as I do. Look at Mo Williams. While with the Bucks, the guy was someone who flew up the court and got to the rim and had a decent outside game. His bread and butter was getting to the rim. He created his own shot and scored like crazy. Now, what does he do?? They got him to be the other guy on the team that can create his own shot but he has turned into a catch and shoot player. He relies on his outside game to get points now instead of getting to the rim. I think, its because of Lebron. He is the best player in the game, IMO, but everyone thinks that. Everyone, including his teammates, know he can get it done. As a result, they all end up not taking shots for themselves unless Lebron has set them up. If you look at everyone on the team, they all have to wait for Lebron to make a move before they can. Last year, Big Z picked and popped for Lebron, Mo Williams was a catch and shoot guy by the end of the year, Delonte West was the same way. To be honest, the only guy on that team that can create his own shot is Verajo. He creates his shot by grabbing rebounds and being ready under the basket. Why dont the Cavs let Mo be a point guard, control the ball most of the time, and use Lebron kind of like the Lakers use Kobe or the Nuggets use Melo. Instead, he is getting the Wade treatment when he doesnt need it. Wade has to do it all because nobody else can. Lebron has capable teammates, let them do work.

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Brown needs to hire an

Brown needs to hire an offensive minded assistant coach.. becuz his offensive sets are horrible...When Lebron's out of the game they look lost....

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i think the raptors match up better against the elite east teams(Orlando and Boston) better than the cavs do. Toronto has the athletic bigs that can guard rashard, kg, and rasheed. But they also have some strong bigs that can contain Dwight Howard, and guard shaq and perkins. No big man on the cavs roster can guard a guy with a sniff of speed.. and to make it worse they play the two slowest players in the league together(Big Z and Shaq).

Toronto's athletic bigs:

Tornto's strong bigs:

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The8thDeadlySin, are you

The8thDeadlySin, are you joking? Lebron's teammates are hot garbage!! So Mo Williams can't hit three pointers or move without the ball because Lebrons on the team? Gimme a break... Mo Williams gets the ball, he just doesnt do anything with it expect miss floaters and threes and turn the ball over. Mo Williams is a role player that got thrust into a prominent role with Milwalkee, got signed by the Cavs, and his limitations in the team aspect are being shown. I bet Billups would do wonderfully with Lebron. But when you've got a lack of ball handlers and shooters, when Lebron is by far your best first option and Mo Williams is by far your best second option, you don't have a championship caliber team... Rudeboy, you're total right. Mike Brown's coaching has been let Lebron initiate and hope you get open. Good coaches wouldnt let that happen. The Cavs really are a one man show, and thats not how you win.

PS The Heat have better secondary scored than the Cavs. Beasley, O'Neal, potentially Cook, Chalmers. Haslem is better at what Varejao does best. As a matter of fact, no team is a poorly constructed around their star than the Cavs at this point.

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